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If you are looking for disposable vapes that are full of sweetness and less sourness, then the stone fruit flavors are your go-to. This flavor classification consists of flavors such as mango peach apricot, peach ice, mango peach, peach mango watermelon, and peach berry. Rest assured, enjoy the taste of freshly cut mangoes, peaches, and apricot. Every puff is luscious to intensify your taste buds and quench your thirst with the mouthwatering vapor taste. Some of the flavors here, like the peach ice, offer the perfect balance between fruity sweetness and icy sensation. They are the perfect choice for a cinema or film-watching experience than the classic soda and popcorn.

The best part is that all these flavors are fruity, so you can feel like you are enjoying your favorite fruit from one puff to the last one.

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